Two thousand and nineteen.. fresh blogs

Here we are, another year complete, once more around the sun.

It was great to see the new year in with a beach swim in decent swell at sunrise, after spending the night around the bonfire with all the Boludo’s I call friends and family.

It meant sleeping the day away, but here I am on the beach again, drinking Yerba Mate with my wonderful partner and watching the sun go down on the first of January Two Thousand and Nineteen. Feliz año nuevo para todos.

A cheers

What does this have to do with ribs you ask?

Well this is in fact just the beginning, the welcome post, the soft opening if you will.

There will be ribs to come, but also ramblings, adventures and general documentation of things I find interesting in life and in general.

This will hopefully be something to read in between your internet travels and hopefully bring something of interest.

Mucho gusto boludos, hasta pronto.




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